Arow Down
Ricardo Viramontes | 14 January, 2022

If you want something to die, hold it still

“If you want something to die, hold it still” —J. Drexler

Movement is fundamental in the daily work of any living organism, as my honoree Jorge Drexler would say. It is also an essential piece in the growth of any human group, so a design studio can not sit still if its wish is to continue evolving towards new horizons and capabilities, “stretching” the creative band to its limits.

For a few months now, we have been questioning almost everything we do, from the simplest and almost routine process for any designer such as testing a color palette, to questioning the way in which we present our projects to our clients over the last years… it is not about finding an error, we should try to mix improvisation with order and structure, we need to keep on learning.

With time the “creative mechanism” is curdled in a certain way that gets a bit rusty, creating becomes “constructing” and this has more to do with a car factory than with a branding studio, it is necessary to move and unclog the gear from time to time, we can always modify the route.

If you ask yourself, what is the key that leads to disruptive thinking? the answer is as simple in its approach as deep in its execution: you should start trying different solutions, feel that everything has space to be judged, that there are no bad or good ideas and that although the experience gives you a wider “perspective”, design is lived on a daily basis and doing things differently will deliver different results. Don’t you ever stop moving.

By @ricardorokz