Arow Down
Ricardo Viramontes | 14 January, 2019

Everyone needs branding

Everywhere and at all times we live surrounded by brands.

A few days ago, while watching one of those World Cup games that are inconsequential, I lost myself for a moment on the screen and found a range of brands that seemed to have no end: teams’ coat of arms when presenting their line-ups, announcements on billboards, the omnipresent FIFA logo, jerseys sponsored by some well-known sports brand (Nike & Adidas in most cases), even in the sporadic close-ups to the stands fans were always accompanied by a brand, and to finish up as if we haven’t seen enough publicity at this point, half time’s commercial cuts flooded our eyes with well-known typographies and logos.

For us, who make a living out of visual references and creative processes, it is very complicated to mark the line between the “visual noise” of the environment, the research work, and the daily routine. We are used to having so many graphic references in front of us at all times and even when this might seem overwhelming, if you see it from the right perspective there is an important point to consider: this tide of visual content opens up a huge field of work, preceded by the need to “create brand” of every living business: shops, restaurants, services of all kinds, non-profit groupings, marketers, institutions, etc.

The universe of potential projects seems to have no end, allowing us to perform and create graphic identities in very different scenarios at the same time: from a law firm to the corner café, or the video producer, to the boutique hotel and the ophthalmological clinic, the food delivery app, the designer of wedding dresses, the taquería and the plastic artist. Now if we open a little more the scope we find ourselves doing the same antagonistic projects but now in Arabic, Japanese and Portuguese to name a few, adding a dose of multiculturalism as interesting and enriching for the team and the creative process.

Because we live in this world that speaks through design, our possibilities to create are almost endless. Reinventing, playing, trying, and failing. Fail and keep trying… have fun.