Arow Down
By Adelchi García | 14 January, 2019

Design = Life

Mexico is internationally recognised for its food, traditions and culture, but in recent years, it has been in the spotlight of the creative industry. Today, Mexico is a referent for solid and congruent design, a good example of this is the designation of Mexico City as “World Design Capital 2018”. This is the result of a new perspective, leaving behind the cliches and focusing in timeless design and global recognition.

Chaos sometimes brings the best solutions – and Mexico City is a clear example of this – the urban challenges we face in the Mexican capital are very adverse, but the continuos use of design thinking emerge as a good alternative to define the way into the next few years, taking improvement as a guide to increase the life quality of current and future generations.

This is where design takes place, where it makes a difference and serves as a connector between multiple disciplines, being led by creative minds who seek for an impact through their vision.