Arow Down
By Roberto Bonilla | 20 June, 2020

Design is not a selfish act

We’ve been following the latest trends, creating the coolest products, making the greatest campaigns. But once in a while we should look back and see if any of these things have any real value. It has come to my attention that we are living at high speed, always trying to get somewhere as soon as possible, this is mostly why we miss important moments, perspectives and thoughts, we must not lose perspective that the only thing that matters, what really keeps us moving, is humanity itself; caring about each other, this is the back bone of design, of everything. We must not ignore that creating something to help someone else, anywhere in the world is the only purpose for design. It’s about creating an impact on people, maybe it’s an emotional impact, maybe it’s a physical one, who knows. But next time you are focusing in creating something, do not lose track that design only works when you are thinking of how it can help others.