Arow Down
By Diego Olguín | 02 September, 2019

Our blog is evolving!

New sections, more content and special guests to ignite your creativity.

Here at the branding people ®, we believe that in order to continue growing as designers, one needs to learn new things every day; this helps us keep the motors running. Part of this search for knowledge entails submerging ourselves in design blogs and magazines to help us understand current trends, get inspired and stand out from the crowd. 

We recently came to the conclusion that we want to be a part of other people’s design process. We believe that knowledge must be shared, not kept inside a vault. This new chapter in our blog is the beginning of an effort to create conversations around branding, design, creativity and the day to day life of a studio. Every member of our team has different interests, opinions and thoughts around these topics and what it means to be a creative professional, so we’re gonna start sharing them. The world outside has tons of excuses to find the inspiration you might need to create that spark, so we’re gonna start exploring. Finally, we know that we can’t have all the answers to every question in the world, but some others do — we’ll start asking.

Welcome to our brand new blog: a space to share, to see further and to think deeper. Stay tuned for exciting new sections, weekly content and some very special guests each month. We are sure you’re going to love what we’re coming up with, please feel free to share it with your peers and let us know what you think.


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