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Ricardo Viramontes | 14 January, 2019

Consistency in branding

A few days ago, while I was “investing” my time on the internet, I found a very simple, smart and well focused video where the great Simon Sinek explained in less than four minutes the fundamental differences between “intensity and consistency” (video link – True to his style and with intuitive background illustrations, he explained the true value of doing things little by little, with patience and without wasting great efforts… being consistent.

He talked about being consistent in the gym, on a diet, at work, with your family… in life. Since I find myself immersed in my little design world, between concepts and graphic lines that seek to be functional, aesthetic and eloquent at the same time, I feel the need to take Sinek’s theory into my reality: A shared reality with all the brands that we work with every single day.

These brands must be consistent in their communication, take advantage of every chance they have to continue sending messages to their “interlocutors”. As a leak that after hours manages to fill a container, brands permeate into the client´s mind when they fulfill the task of speaking with consistency and through specific messages.

A smart branding project gathers all the efforts behind its communication concept to apply them into each design asset: stationery, digital, web, packaging, etc. Every little detail adds value to the brand as long as it goes in the same direction and if it is understood as part of the brand itself.

By @ricardorokz