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Julia Haro | 14 June, 2019

Branding facts

Companies must focus on developing products or services that keep up with the fast pace of the demanding consumers of today. The audience’s perceptions of everything it is experienced in these companies’ touching points are what we actually define as “brand”.

Design and marketing play a big role in this as branding empowers companies to find their true voice and communicate it clearly to their audience in order to stand out from the competition and make a strong statement that will gain consumers trust and attention.

Here are 5 facts on how branding helps achieving this goal.

Demonstrates uniqueness

Having a defined brand personality sets your business apart from the competition. As individuals we have unique characteristics that define us from the rest and the same happens with brands. As we translate intangible characteristics into visual information using design resources like specific chromatic codes, typography and shapes, we start developing a visual brand personality.

Connects emotionally with your consumers

As humans, we live and comprehend our world through storytelling, just in the same way brands do so to communicate who they are and what they do. By using powerful tools such as design, companies aim to establish emotional connections with their audience, generating a “thing” that makes us feel identified with one another commonly called empathy.

Communicates brand essence

Through branding, businesses can accurately demonstrate the quality, characteristics and values of the services or products they offer. For example, it makes sense for a jewelry company to focus their communication efforts on showcasing the origin and nature of their products or for a 150-year-old family company to communicate its tradition and history.

Shows a higher value

It is very natural for humans to judge others by their looks and physical appearance. Why would it be different for brands? Having this in mind, it is certain that as soon as we have any kind of contact with a brand we generate perceptions and idea in our mind and determine whether we feel identified with it or not. This perception improves when companies have a well-defined and strong brand personality making brands more desirable.

Achieves better recognition

A clear and constant communication and personality helps people remember brands and products easier. This is the ultimate goal most companies look for, staying in the top of mind of all their consumers, being present in their everyday lives and contribute on improving some aspects of it.

By @jules_hr