Arow Down
Ricardo Viramontes | 26 July, 2022

tbpmx: Celebrating ten years of branding.

Ten years feel like a few.

A couple of weeks ago, we had the opportunity to celebrate an exceptional milestone for the branding people: our tenth anniversary.

We celebrate a decade that has left us countless experiences, moments of fury, fear, and frenzy—days when 24 hours weren't enough and moments that became eternal.

It's only now that it becomes evident that everything that happened wasn't a coincidence because as we look back, gazing in the rearview mirror, we realize all the people who made this journey possible.

In the distance, we see people who impregnated the sometimes monotonous routine with their sense of humor, designers who reinvented themselves countless times without realizing it, silhouettes devoted to human genius, and many others ready to explode like gunpowder at the slightest contact with the creativity.

It would be tough to condense all the experiences in a few paragraphs, but I can confidently say that the branding people grew and keeps growing thanks to its people—People designing for people.

The time has come to thank everyone for the distance traveled, those close and far, those who lasted weeks, and those who are still here after all these years. No matter how long or fleeting your presence was, you will always remain as part.

Amid a year of reconstruction, today we look forward with the same hope of that summer of 2012; we still believe that learning happens every day, and it's born out of experiences lived in flesh and bones, everything from laughing and solving to convincement.

The challenges ahead rise among the horizon as they contribute to that sweet aroma in the air. And off we go, all together, one step at a time—looking forward to 2032.