Arow Down
By Ricardo Viramontes | 04 March, 2019

New year, new site, new blue.

Nowadays, being immerse in a world surrounded by non-stop data exchange, ephemeral trends and wrong predictions, people, companies and institutions need to adapt even faster to their environment in order to keep breathing, walking and even existing.

A design studio is no different since we have a whole new year ahead that comes full of expectations, dreams and fears – this is why we need to re-invent the branding people -. You might have noticed a tinny twist on our graphic, a “brighter and more electric blue” is now playing an important role in our day to day, this blue represents a flame that grows inside our hearts and minds, it’s also a constant reminder that we must change as many times as needed to defy our own status quo.

After almost seven years in the market tbpmx has evolved from the inside out, with new people joining our dreams and, of course, with a few others leaving in search for dreams of their own (we miss you all), but in the end we are certain that the horizon, as unreachable as it is by definition, is there for a reason… so we can get a hold of it and force our selves to keep on moving, to go further from our own capabilities. “The unstoppable branding people”.

This is our new “us”, and we say hello again!