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Lena Wagner | 07 March, 2023

Movies as inspiration in graphic design

Movies can be great inspirations for graphic designers. They have many uses in the design field, not only as a source of inspiration but also as an example to learn from and improve on. Movies can inspire you visually, emotionally, and creatively. There are lots of great films that can provide excellent design ideas for any industry. With that in mind, let me recommend movies to get your brain juice flowing in desperate times for inspiration.

Fallen Angels Wong Kar-Wai

Fallen Angels is a 1994 film by Hong Kong director Wong Kar Wai. The film tells how two tales of crimes intertwine in present-day Hong Kong. A coolly detached hitman wants to finally escape a life of violence – much to the dismay of his partner, who is secretly besotted with him. Meanwhile, a mute ex-convict repeatedly encounters a girl during his nights of wreaking havoc.

The film's cinematography is stunning; it relies heavily on color and light to create moods within scenes and convey emotion. The film does not rely on dialogue to tell its story; instead, it depends on visual storytelling, making it perfect for graphic designers searching for inspiration for their next project!

The Cassandra Cat Vojtěch Jasný

A traveling circus arrives at a small Czech village, accompanied by a cat wearing sunglasses. When the glasses are removed, the cat can change people into different psychedelic colors reflecting their best or worst selves.

This film's charms are many, from its unprecedented use of color to its folksy small-town humor and experimental take on the fable. The film works as a great inspiration for designers, especially regarding the use of color. The costume designer, Jiřina Šimková, used vivid tones that were not typical for the time period in which the movie takes place. Her bright reds and yellows create a vibrant world that feels new and exciting.

Faces Places JR and Agnés Varda

The documentary Faces Places by JR and Agnes Varda is a beautiful look at how art can unite people. The film follows the two artists traveling across France to make public art installations in small towns and villages. They create everything from giant portraits to massive murals, all along with their trusty sidekick Rosalie, who helps them carry their supplies.

The most inspiring part of this documentary was seeing how art can impact people's lives. You witness how these small towns come together over their shared love of art, creating memories that will last long after the artists have left town.

Enter The Void Gaspar Noé

Gaspar Noé's film Enter the Void is a trippy, psychedelic ride through the life of Oscar, a drug dealer who has just died. The movie is told from his point of view as he floats above his own body and watches his friends grieve over him. It's fascinating how we mourn and remember those we've lost.

The movie has inspired designers everywhere, not just because of its unique visual style. The way that Oscar's life plays out after death is depicted in such a way that it feels like you're watching it unfold right in front of you—like you're there in person witnessing everything that happens. The fact that the audience can experience this journey with Oscar gives designers added insight into how to create visual experiences that allow viewers to feel like they're part of something bigger than themselves.

In conclusion, movies can be a great source of inspiration for graphic designers. They tell stories that are relevant to our lives, and the message they convey is often universal, even if it's set in a different time or place. Movies are a safe place for all of us trying to expand our visual universe, so if you see something interesting in one—an unusual color combination or typography style—try using it in your designs.