Arow Down
By Roberto Bonilla | 07 May, 2019

It’s now what you say, It’s how good you listen

Brands who stand out are not always the ones who do things differently, but the ones who communicate effectively with their users. People find themselves identified with the brand’s dogma and that is why a loyal fan base is built. Let’s rewind a little and think about the main core of graphic design, I mean, yeah, it has considerably upgraded products’ and services’ aesthetics, but just doing THAT its not the point, its actual purpose is to solve visual communication problems, so this is where design differs from art, it’s not just about evoking emotions but to actually make things work, sending the proper message to the proper target.

This is why we love big brands, music, books and all sorts of products, because we feel we are being listened to, because we feel like we belong.