Arow Down
By Diego Olguín | 20 January, 2020

Hello, 2020! — Could you slow down a bit?

Reflections on a rather eventful beginning of 2020 — both at the studio and around the world.

-What a year, huh?

-It’s January.

I think that the above piece of dialogue sums up pretty well the beginning of the year 2020. There are fires in Australia, Indonesia was flooded, fear of WWIII, earthquakes in Puerto Rico, and the list goes on. All this, plus Megan and Harry quitting the Royal Family, has been enough to teach a full class in contemporary history and January isn’t even over yet. Over here at the studio, it has been IN-SA-NE with work non-stop since the moment we came back from the holiday break. We’re really excited about all the current and upcoming projects cooking at the studio and we can’t wait to start sharing them.

Having in mind all the sad events happening in the world right now, I have been giving much thought to how can we make a positive impact in the world —somehow— with the work we do. It is easy to feel like we could be doing more for our environment and our communities. The media and the internet have now found a way to make us feel guilty for not being overly-worried, overly-ecofriendly, carrying tote bags and Tupperware everywhere as if the planet was going to be destroyed by our next coffee order.

Over here at tbpmx, we thank our stars for having wonderful clients who have ground-breaking business ideas and products that really care about not only selling but actually making the least amount of harm to our severely-bruised planet earth. Having the opportunity to develop these kinds of projects has given us the opportunity to also put our grain of salt in doing something good for our world. Whether is doing research on which inks leave a lesser carbon footprint for the tags of a gender-neutral baby clothing brand, helping a vegan restaurant find its identity, or developing an organic and sustainably-produced mezcal from scratch, this is just one way to leave your good mark as a creative or designer.

We’re definitely not implying that we’re doing enough; there’s always something more to be done, both individually and as an organization. What we do believe is that small actions that work with your lifestyle are a good way to start a real change. If you have the opportunity, choose to work with the clients that have only the best intentions in mind regarding sustainability, equality, and peace. It is our duty to use our creative superpowers for good. Take action in any way you can and if you have a misstep every now and then it’s ok, no one can judge you because you’re trying.

Let’s make an effort to help our home so we can continue having the best and only canvas we have to create in.