Arow Down
Ricardo Viramontes López | 23 December, 2022

For another 10 and even 20

It seemed like the tremulous years were a thing of the past, after a 2019 that shook us from head to toes, and compelled us to change our conception of many things. 2022 has been nothing but a test for the branding people as much as it has been for the world... This year had a little bit of everything: a team that transformed itself several times, dear ones that left for new challenges, and new faces that shortly became everyday peers and friends. Since the beginning of the year, we encounter incredible projects, navigating between tech startups, embassies, big chain hotels, and boutique wellness brands. These demanded a creative overdose to be able to constantly sort out every obstacle along the way, while firmly believing in our creative process. It is well known that at tbpmx we always speak about and cherish our process, one that has mutated and been specially refined and reinvented this year. 2022 was a year where hands were raised and team members never ceased to propose, we're convinced that strength comes from the addition of many parts, and that's exactly what happened during this period.

This 2022 marked our first decade, it sounds easy but when looking back it seems like the calendar passes in slow motion, as we can see familiar faces that were once part of the team and still are, the projects that propelled us to tear creative walls down, friendships, laughs, and learnings in the distance.

A few months ago, during our 10th anniversary, a new concept was born, which is essential to understand this past decade: "the branding people is nourished from all the people it has touched... and that is quite an amount of people". Looking back, today I couldn't be happier with the path we've walked, the links created, and the fantastic people who have connected with this beautiful project.

For another 10 and even 20.

Ricardo Viramontes López